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Fresh cut flowers.

Farm fancy weddings.

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A Western Montana Flower Farm

Welcome to Bleeding Heart Flower Farm. We're a small, woman-owned and operated business in western Montana, and we're here to return more kindness, love and beauty to the world. 

We grow happiness two ways: flowers and weddings.

For our cut flower crops, we sustainably micro-farm a lush little piece of land in the Bitterroot Valley, offering fresh, local, seasonal cut flowers May through the first killing frost. Explore how to buy our blooms, what we grow, and how we grow them.

For farm fancy Montana weddings, we are a full-service wedding company, offering:

  • A vintage wedding venue for weddings and events (up to 125 guests, the perfect size for your great big little wedding)

  • Wedding and event planning & coordination

  • Wedding rentals, wedding decor and other wedding essentials

Whether you are craving a lush weekly bouquet or day-dreaming of a gorgeous Montana wedding brimming with views and vintage charm, we'd love to bring your vision to life.

Sign up for our newsletter to know all the latest farm happenings. And from the bottoms of our hearts, thank you for your interest and support of our small local business.

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