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Bleeding Heart Manifesto

We believe in love that lasts. Thirty-seven years this August for us.

We believe flowers are for life and for living, not just special occasions.

We believe in farm dogs. In particular, we believe in Bo the trusty Border Collie and Buddy the dramatic diva Chiweenie. And we sure miss Blue, the fierce Blue Heeler we lost too soon.

We believe in family. From our aging parents to our teenage grandson to our toddler granddaughter, four generations are supporting this business and Cindy's great big little dream.

We believe a "perfect" wedding isn't just a Pinterest-y copy-cat, all for show. The very best weddings are remembered for the way they made people feel. We put that priority front and center.

We believe in good boots. Boots for snow, boots for muck, boots for country swing, boots for fields, boots for rain, and boots for farm fancy brides.

We believe Montana is the last best place. We are so stinking lucky to call it our birthplace and our home.

We believe the hopeful hearts, passionate talents, and hard-working hands cultivating your flowers and building relationships are the "secret sauce" of our business.

We believe in mismatched china, delicate crystal, and tables set "just so." 

We believe in keeping our promises, and you keeping yours.

We believe in lace. Queen Anne's in the field, hand-made on pretty gowns.

We believe less is not more. More is more.

We believe in soil and compost. The darker and wormier, the better.

We believe in love and equality for all. No labels. No hate. No prejudice.

We believe in pie. With ice cold milk for a chaser.

We believe in sweat. Sweating the details. Sweat and sore muscles. Sweat because hard work beats half-assed every time.

We believe in beer.

We believe in happy tears.

We believe in reliable knots and ties that bind: tarping the trailer, anchoring the caterpillar tunnel, vine tendrils gripping the trellis, and heartfelt vows.

We believe in lively toasts, rocking music and unstuffy celebrations.

We believe in frugal. Your marriage shouldn't start you off in debt, and your weekly flowers shouldn't be an unaffordable splurge. Budgets matter and we'll never push you past yours. Clear terms, no surprises, no excuses. Period.

We believe every single thing a seed needs to grow into a beautiful plant starts right there inside. Same with humans.

We believe our lives keep evolving, but our true north and basic values never change.

Shine bright. Dream big. Love hard.

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