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Wholesale to the Trade


We'd be honored to see our flowers transformed into art in your talented hands. Let us fill your shop or design studio with stems from our seasonal flower crops! Flowers will come to you:

  • in water

  • freshly harvested

  • stripped

  • hydrated

  • conditioned in the cooler for minimum 4 hours (but usually overnight)

  • in Transport/Holding solution except for special cases

  • dirty flowers (zinnias, poppies, sunnies, rudbeckia, etc.) will have had a minimum 12-hour pre-bacterial flush in CVBN.

And we aren't ridiculous about buckets.

Step 1 Get a password. 

Sign up for online ordering here.

Step 2 Order product.

Once you have your password, order online here.

Step 3 Availability.

Availability is updated by midnight Sunday. We harvest and condition for you on Monday and Tuesday.

Step 4 Delivery.

Expect us to deliver your flowers as follows:

  • Tuesday morning, Missoula & Lolo

  • Wednesday afternoon, Stevensville & Hamilton

  • Friday morning, Stevensville & Hamilton

Minimum order $200 includes delivery within 30 miles of farm. Orders less than $200 have a $25 delivery charge.

This & That

Off-cycle emergencies cannot always be guaranteed, but it never hurts to ask... we have a whole flower field.

We harvest for maximum vase life/daily flower use. If you are ordering for an event, it is helpful to tell us the event date so we can time our harvest to bring you more fully-open, fully-developed blooms.

Share your palettes! We might just have a perfect something.

Memberships & Professional Affiliations

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