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 Policies for Wedding Florals

Please review carefully for a stress-free

wedding experience

Your Farm Fresh Montana Wedding Flowers

We are honored to provide local seasonal flowers for your special day. Weddings are an especially meaningful part of what we do and we devote our best flowers and skills to them. Your wedding flowers will feature local seasonal blooms and foliages started from seed or root stock and grown with great love at our farm. Expect beautiful blooms, fragrant scent and unique texture. Careful review of these policies will ensure smooth sailing, come wedding week.


Payments, Deposits, Contract, Postponement & Cancellation

When the Client accepts the Quote offered by the Farm and pays the Reservation Deposit Invoice, a binding contract is formed, governed and enforceable by Montana law, including all items and terms described in the Quote and Invoice. 

The Reservation Deposit Invoice is for payment of a nonrefundable deposit of 50% of the total order. This 50% deposit will hold the date and cover BHFFs crop-planning, crop-growing and design fee. 


In the event the wedding date changes for any reason, the upfront deposit is transferrable to another date, provided the new date falls during our growing season and is available to BHFF, but the fee is not refundable because it is not for flowers. 


The remaining 50% balance for your order is due on or before order pick-up from Bleeding Heart Flower Farm. Flowers will not be released prior to payment in full.


Flower Varieties Not Guaranteed

While no particular flower varieties can be guaranteed unless you opt for Full Service (seasonal flowers come and grow on nature's schedule, not the farm's), your flowers will be harvested at their peak from the most beautiful stems growing in our field at the time of your wedding, in your chosen color palette.


Care & Handling of Flowers

The majority of your flowers will be sent out in water with pH balancer, food, and anti-bacterial solution. Wearables and loose petals will be sent out in recyclable plastic containers (mini hydration chambers) with a damp paper towel to help keep the plant cells fresh and plump. 

After accepting the flowers, Client is responsible for their care. Following these recommendations will keep them looking their best.

  • Flowers are delicate and perishable. Crowding or rough handling can break, crush or damage easily-bruised petals and delicate stems.

  • Whenever possible, flowers should be transported directly to venue or staging area without any interim stops.

  • After pick-up but prior to use, store your flowers in a cool, dark location. Basements or cool garages are good options. 

  • When arranging DIY designs, use clean vessels, sharp clean floral snips, and water clean enough to drink.

  • Avoid wetting bouquet ribbons. 

  • When not in use, return the cut stems of bouquets to cool water throughout the day.

  • Extended exposure to heat, direct sunlight and wind can cause wilting and should be avoided until the last possible moment.

  • Wearables and loose fresh petals should be kept inside their mini-hydration chambers until it is time to use them.



Extreme caution should be exercised when placing any flowers (even those in containers) in a refrigerator, because placement too near the cooling element can cause freezing, and produce sharing refrigerator space can off-gas ethylene which causes browning of some flower types.


Weather, Crop Failure &
Acts of God

Client acknowledges that the availability of BHFF's fresh local seasonal flowers is weather-dependent. In the event weather or other uncontrollable factors limit the farm's ability to provide the quantity of fresh stems envisioned by the parties, Client understands BHFF will supplement by sourcing additional fresh florals from another local farm, domestic farm or floral wholesaler. There may be a small additional cost pass-through for refrigerated air/ground freight. This is of particular concern during "shoulder seasons," i.e. late May-mid June and September-October.


BHFF and Client will discuss weather forecast and options approximately 8-10 days before the wedding. In no event will BHFF obligate Client to any additional costs beyond this proposal without Client express prior approval.


Receiving Your Flowers

Bulk Florals and a la Carte designs are for on-farm pick-up by Client (or representative), typically Thursday or Friday of the wedding week in the case of Saturday weddings. Designed pieces can be available at the same time, or can be held in the cooler for on-farm pickup by Client (or representative) on the wedding day. It is Client's responsibility to communicate the preferred pick-up schedule with the farm so both parties can verify availability.

The ideal pick-up vehicle will be air conditioned and have ample space and head-room for boxes, buckets and vases, and an area where large arch pieces can be laid flat. An SUV is a good choice, and in cases of large orders, two vehicles (or two trips) may be necessary.

Client (or designee) will review and sign off on the flower order at the time of pick-up.


Ribbon Selection

Ribbon is included as described on the products you requested on our Inquiries form. Custom colors can be chosen by Client provided the contract is signed at least 60 days prior to the wedding. For a shorter interval, Client has a choice of white or cream.  Our preferred ribbon source can be found here.


Delivery, Placement & Installation

  • Except in cases of Full Service Weddings, your order is for on-farm pickup by the Client (or representative) of all items. 

  • Upon request and dependent on location and BHFF's  availability, delivery of a la Carte designs and bulk florals to the venue may be possible for $50/hour plus round-trip mileage at the currently published IRS mileage reimbursement rate. Delivered floral items will be dropped off at a table or designated area and signed for by a designated person at the venue. If the designated person cannot be located at the agreed-upon time and place, the flowers will be left and deemed accepted by the Clients. 

  • Installation and placement services may be available upon request at additional cost, typically $50/hour for each farm representative required to accomplish the project. Project size and scope dictate the number of people required.

  • Striking and deinstallation of flowers is available at equivalent additional round-trip cost plus hourly rate. Late-night striking services are at a higher rate.


Hanging Florals

Hanging florals (arch and sign clusters) are designed with appropriate armature to fasten the florals to the base structure relatively easily. Entrust this job to a reliable handy person and assistant, and time this task toward the end of set-up to minimize exposure to elements. Consider and plan for needs like ladders, tools, and safety.


Return of Buckets, Rentals, and Damage/Replacement Deposit

A check or cash separate from the Order Invoice remaining balance will be collected from Client (or representative) on pick-up day as a deposit for replacement costs including shipping of any buckets or vessels rented or loaned from BHFF. This deposit will be held, uncashed, pending return of the items in original condition at Bleeding Heart Flower Farm no later than seven days after the wedding, at which time this separate damage/return deposit will be refunded to Client. In the event of damage or non-return, the deposit will be used to cover replacement costs.


Changes & Additions to Your Wedding Florals Order

Additions to your order can be requested up to 10 days prior to your event date, and will be honored provided BHFF has sufficient product to accommodate the request--usually never a problem. Any cost difference will be adjusted on the final invoice and payment will be collected prior to hand-off of the flowers. Significant deletions or reductions are not possible once the Quote is accepted and Reservation Deposit is paid.

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