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The Farm


We grow over 150 varieties of cut flowers to share with customers in our local Missoula - Bitterroot Valley area, working sustainably with nature to eke out maximum abundance as the seasons unfold. 

We are practitioners of the slow seasonal flowers movement, meaning we farm with the natural cycles of the seasons, offering new flower varieties as each part of the growing season progresses.

We follow sustainable practices and grow about 75 percent of our crops from seed, with the remainder grown from root stock, bulb, tuber, corm or propagated cutting. We use low-till methods (shallow cultivating the first time making a bed, no-till thereafter).

We grow in Zone 5a, careening from freezing winters to hot dry summers. It takes all our creativity, planning, trial-and-error, investments in season extension, and 16-hour days to get the most from our short but intense growing season.

We are bounded by the Bitterroot and Sapphire Mountain ranges, giving us spectacular views and fertile (if a bit rocky) river valley soil.

We avoid chemical herbicides and pesticides, relying on organic amendments and beneficial insects for the health of our crops. We also avoid foam and single use plastics in our floristry.

Big composters, we joke that 'nothing leaves this place alive!' We weed by hand, recycle house and garden debris, and replenish our soil before and between every planting.

In addition to compost, we use slow release organic fertilizer, liquid fish emulsion, and liquid compost tea. Careful attention to soil health pays us back with the sturdiest, most insect and disease-free plants possible. 

We believe in supporting our fellow local and domestic farmers, and do not source imported product.

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