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Why Local Flowers?


Local flowers are better than the imported ones often found in grocery stores and retail florists. When you buy your blooms from Bleeding Heart Flower Farm: 

  • your flowers are fresher, cut at most a day before you get them (not weeks before, like with imported grocery store stems)

  • you can bury your nose in them, knowing we never spray anything stronger than organic compost tea and horitultural oil

  • supporting our farming practices, that are not dangerous to humans, animals or the environment

  • accessing a wider variety of flowers, including delicate varieties importers seldom sell because of packaging and shipping limitations (such as sweet peas, dahlias and iris)

  • supporting our local family with dollars we spend back in the local community

  • supporting other locals we rely on for seeds, root stock, dairy compost, farm help, fencing, equipment and food 

  • reducing transportation impacts because blooms travel only from our local farm to you, not on jets, then ground

  • receiving a natural product farmed solely by us

We hope the fresh, beautiful flowers we grow and lovingly design on our farm nurture you. We are honored to share our abundance with you. Please enjoy this soul-quenching taste of nature, and breathe in the sweet fragrance of flowers as a gift for all your senses, from our Montana home to yours.

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