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I consent to receiving infrequent text messages to my phone from Bleeding Heart Flower Farm concerning my weekly flower subscription. 


I understand these text messages will arrive in the form of a Group Text.

I understand these texts will originate from Cindy's phone:  208.403.6430. 

I agree to refrain from replying or reacting to these texts within the Group, but am always welcome to text Cindy only, directly, with reactions to my bouquet or other subscription-related subjects. 


I understand I will be removed from the Group Text by Cindy for failure to follow the No Reply/No React rule.

If I change my mind about participating in the Group Text in the future, I can choose to Opt Out via the "Leave the Group" function at any time.

Thanks for submitting!

Group Text Opt-In Form & Agreement to Refrain
from Replying

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