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We love everything about flowers. Growing them. Harvesting them. Designing with them. And especially sharing them with our customers and community.

Spring enters softly with Narcissus, Tulips, Allium and Muscari. Then Iceland Poppies, Anemones, Ranunculus, Stock and Larkspur join the chorus, popping up with Canterbury Bells, Sweet William and our namesake: the impossibly romantic Bleeding Heart.

An abundant flush of Peonies in late June bridges spring to summer, with delicate Foxglove and Sweetpeas gracing our fragrant natural bouquets.

Things really heat up when the Zinnias, Celosia, Dahlias and Cosmos start popping, bringing their heat-loving exuberance to the petal dance with color, texture and scale.

We close our fresh pick season in autumn with specialty Sunflowers, Strawflowers, Asters, Amaranth and Mums, then turn to flower drying for everlasting bouquet gifting.

Our color palette has something for everyone, from the unpretentious nostalgia of pastel Sweet Peas to the elegant formality of Casablanca White Lilies, to the moody chocolates, muted mauves and honeyed tones favored by many modern brides.

Cool, romantic sorbet shades grace soft bouquets with blushing pinks, laughing lavenders, soft creamy yellows, mellow mulberry, and winsome whites. But also expect vibrant thrills from cheeky pops of yellow Billy Buttons, electric blue Bachelor's Buttons, acid green Amaranth, and vibrant tangerines and fuschias of Gomphrena for complementary color bursts that are just right.

Our foliage fillers range from ornamental grasses and flowering branches to lacy white frothy umbrels and chocolaty-pink sprays, supported by sturdier stems like Bells of Ireland and woody forage like ninebark, viburnum and variegated dogwood.

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